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    Brand Strategy Workshop

    Insyntrix Brand Strategy Workshop

    The Insyntrix brand strategy workshop is the fun, rewarding cornerstone of the brand development process and brand management strategy.

    Together our teams will journey on a deep-dive into the depths of your company and brand. We’ll examine how far you’ve come, what’s ahead, market perceptions, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for success.

    Brand development doesn’t have to be hard, but it takes work. The Insyntrix Brand Strategy Workshop is equal parts intense and rewarding. In the end, your stakeholders will understand a clear path of action to uphold the core tenants of your brand that resonate with customers, employees, partners and even your competitors. With a solid platform in place, sales, marketing and other business strategy decisions become easier to make, even naming your business or product lines.

    Brand Development and Brand Management Plan

    The Brand Strategy Workshop is custom-tailored for each client. Some of the work will be done collaboratively and some will be the responsibility of Insyntrix. Here’s a sample client plan:

    Client Situation and Goals
    An in-depth analysis of the client organization, current customer base and ideal prospects. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be uncovered leaving an understanding of how to move forward.

    Customer Research
    Understand customer perceptions of the client brand and create target audience profiles. Assess the need for ongoing brand management tactics to address negative perceptions and feedback.

    Marketing Audit

    With new understandings in mind, an assessment of marketing strategies and materials will be conducted. Sales tactics will also be examined in light of the new brand platform.

    Competitive Landscape
    An examination of the brand messaging and marketing activities of key competitors.

    Brand Strategy Collaborative Working Session
    Review the results of the above analysis and discuss the following:

    • Brand attribute importance - a visual map depicting the values of your brand
    • Brand personality, power phrases and brand messaging key points
    • Target audience profiles
    • Internal perception vs. external reality

    Sample Deliverables

    • Competitive assessment report
    • Customer research report
    • Perceptual bubble map summary
    • Attribute importance map
    • Power words and phrases map
    • Target audience profiles
    • Meeting summary and presentation deck of above sessions

    Why a Brand Strategy Workshop is an important part of the brand development process

    Put simply, say your favorite color is blue. We all like blue, but what if your strategy session tells us that 8 of your 10 competitors have blue in their logos and they all use a similarly-weighted font. It might be the right business strategy to differentiate your organization visually from the competition. Consider the mobile carrier wars of the 2000’s. Competitors differentiated themselves by color, an obvious tactic when selling a commodity:

    AT&T = Orange

    Sprint = Yellow

    Verizon = Red

    T-Mobile = Pink

    Cricket = Green

    Brand Development

    Branding Work

    How your brand management strategy is crafted is vital for ongoing success in today's competitive digital world. It’s your chance to leave an impression that really reflects your business and what it represents. It’s not the time to cut corners… you’ve got competition around every corner that will take advantage of any perceived vulnerability as an opportunity to win the business away from your customers.

    Your brand is important. Can you stand behind it?

    We’re interested in learning more about your current brand strategy. Give our Denver branding agency a ring and understand your options. Or, complete this easy form and we’ll contact you ASAP.

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