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    5 Ways PR Can Build Your Brand


    In The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, marketing gurus Al and Laura Ries said that public relations should not be secondary to advertising when it comes to building brands. “Today brands are built with publicity and maintained with advertising. The cart is now driving the horse.”

    Undeniably, the contents of our PR toolbox are constantly changing. Communication channels continually evolve based upon the needs of consumers. The Pew Research Center reminds us that more people are getting their news through channels like Facebook, Twitter and online publications. As more people get their news through social media, the question arises: is public relations still relevant when it comes to building a brand?

    We believe it is more relevant now than ever. Unlike advertising, PR can give your brand depth and personality. At a time when audiences are demanding authenticity, PR is the most effective and credible way to communicate your brand’s story. Below are five ways that PR can help build your brand:

    • PR helps brands tell their stories – Denver public relations pros know that when you boil it down, PR is essentially about storytelling. PR helps brands bring their stories to life in an authentic and genuine way. PR helps brands narrow their focus so their story becomes relevant to their target audiences.Once you identify the story you want to tell, you can determine who to tell it to.
    • PR helps brands identify their target audiences - The audience is key. Who brands are engaging with is just as important as what they are saying. For example, if your story is about a new medical device that helps seniors who are losing their sight, your audience isn’t Millennials with great eyesight. The audience you choose is someone who is old enough to need such a device, along with their caregivers and healthcare providers.Those audiences have a connection to your story. PR helps brands prioritize target audiences and identify the key messages that will resonate with them.
    • PR helps brands select the right communication channels – Once you identify your audiences, PR helps brands understand the best ways to reach them.What are they reading? How do they get their information? Who are the key influencers and what topics are they discussing on social media? Our research tools can provide in-depth knowledge brands can use to communicate more effectively.
    • PR establishes thought leadership – Content is king because it demonstrates thought leadership.PR helps brands become thought leaders by creating interesting content that encourages engagement and establishes you as an expert in your field of expertise. PR helps brands convey innovative, forward thinking ideas. From blogs to social media to traditional media outlets, PR covers all the bases to get your content where it needs to go.
    • PR builds authentic relationships - In spite of all the changes, public relations at heart is still about relationships.By creating a genuine story, you build trustworthy and authentic relationships with community members, stakeholders, and members of the media. If you have a reputable brand, community members, stakeholders, and the media are more willing to support you. Ultimately, these relationships build brand loyalty. At the end of the day, it’s that loyalty brands rely on to keep moving forward.

    From workshops to brand strategy, Pushkin Public Relations helps clients make the most of their time when building their brand. If you would like to set up a free consultation, give us a call or send us an email.

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